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Tuesday, 06 August 2013


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Friday, 09 August 2013 by Tourist


Budget Friendly Domestic Flight All Over Egypt

Heading for a family vacation on Egypt? a vacation not only to one city but exploring different city and meeting local and tourist alike, from different background and culture, and you are caught on a rocky choice of traveling on land or by air, which is more convenient? which is more affordable? and of course which is more safe and fast?


Traveling either by car or by a tourist bus is a pocket friendly choice, but one must take into consideration how long that travel may take and what are the circumstances of you reaching your destination far less exhausted, and in this present chaotic state egypt are in safety in the road are also a big question. For the family with little kids expect it to be a very bumpy ride as we all know kids don't like to be in the same place for a very long time. Furthermore consider the great summer weather of egypt. To sum it all up by the time you reach your destination you gonna be all tired and exhausted making your vacation less enjoyable and far less relaxing, all those time you spend planning for this vacation will be gone to waste.



The other better choice for traveling is through by plane, it may not be a wise choice for the family with a tight budget but sometimes comfort and convenience comes with a big price.


Egypt has a very limited choices when it comes to domestic air flight one of those is EgyptAir. EgyptAir offers both domestic and international flight in both local and international airports here in egypt. When it comes to domestic air flight EgyptAir offers its services to almost to and from the different cities of egypt but as i was saying comfort comes with a price. EgyptAir by so far offer a little bit costly domestic air ticket, for inquiry and booking go to:


About EgyptAir

On July 17th 2008, EGYPTAIR joined the Star Alliance network, the largest airline alliance in the world, to offer its customers better flight connections and more comfortable travel. EGYPTAIR’s membership to the Star Alliance network is unique in that it is the only airline that is based in North Africa and Middle East that is part of the network.



The other airline that cater domestic air flight inside egypt is Smart Aviation. Smart Aviation also offers flight to and from the different cites of egypt but in compare to air ticket price Smart Aviation cost a little less in compare to Egyptair. The Irony is only few people knew about this airline so for further inquiry and booking go to:


About Smart Aviation

Smart Aviation is a joint stock company launched operations on The 3rd of May 2007 under the umbrella of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
спутниковые ресиверы в Украинеотдых в Турции

It starts its Medical Evacuation (MedEvac) activity with a Dual-Patient System from and gradually added.Air Ambulance Services using Cessna Citation Aircraft.VIP Flight Services using 10 seater Cessna and 8 seater Beach Craft.Commercial Scheduled and Charter Operations using Q400 74 seater Aircrafts.Committed to extend the highest competitive quality of Aviation Services and Safety Standards that goes beyond our customer satisfaction expectations.



Given a with right  a choice hope you guys would a have grand and worry free vacation, and enjoy egypt the way you dreamt and imagined it to be.



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