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**OPEN ME FOR RECIPE, WORKOUT & MORE FUN STUFF!** But first... *PLEASE READ* For some reason I feel the need to explain the fact that no, my editing is not perfect and no, I don't have cool music and no, this video isn't wonderful and amazing. I'm 18, I live alone, and I make a living out of working as a waitress. I do my very best to make good quality videos, but I barely make it moneywise as it is and I don't have the money to buy fancy computers and microphones and lighting. I genuinely love making videos for you guys whether I get paid for them or not and lately I just feel like it hasn't really been paying off...I used to have YouTube friends and now I barely even get comments. SO...NOT trying to make this a pity party but is there anything you guys want to see? Improved quality, different videos, etc.? Let me know down below! (TOTALLY didn't want that to sound depressing so sorry if it did!) As always, I love you guys and thanks so much for your support:) Now for the fun stuff! Waffle recipe! (based off of paleomg's banana bread waffles) -1 banana, mashed -1 egg -1-2 tbsp almond butter -1 tbsp coconut oil or butter -Vanilla extract -Dash of cinnamon -Pinch of baking soda & baking powder -1-2 tbsp coconut flour If you don't have a waffle maker and want to make these as pancakes, I don't see why that couldn't work too! :) WORKOUT: 5 rounds of: 10 burpees, 20 situps, 30 lunges, 20 cleans, 10 push press Music: Last 2 songs are DJ EarWorm, all others are from the YouTube music library :)

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